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BOOK NOTES: A Critique of Silviculture: Managing for Complexity

by David Brynn, VFF executive director “Forests are like teenagers…” The 10th edition of The Practice of Silviculture: Applied Forest Ecology…  MORE>

A Day in the Woods with UVM’s Forestry Summer Camp

“Without application, principles and ideals have no bearing and no test.” These words by the University of Vermont’s renowned alumnus and educator John Dewey,…  MORE>

Bring on the Wildlife Biodiversity: Tips & Resources for Forest Landowners

Researchers from VFF’s Colby Hill Ecological Project shared tips and resources for monitoring and encouraging forest wildlife biodiversity during our…  MORE>

What’s Alive? Workshop Explores Forest Biodiversity

The deer mouse clung tight to the inside of the metal trap, but a firm shake from mammal researcher Nick…  MORE>

VFF’s 2017 Annual Report

Our 2017 Annual Report is hot off the press! We’re excited to share our report with you, which shows, in…  MORE>

Workshop Spotlights Small-Scale Forwarding

On March 17, 2018, twenty landowners joined Vermont Family Forests to get a close-up look at the practical opportunities and…  MORE>