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Vermont Family Forests
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Enrolling with VFF

Currently, more than 50 forests are enrolled in the VFF-verified pool of ecologically stewarded forests. If you’re a landowner interested in sustainably stewarding your forest, taking part in community-based forestry, and perhaps marketing products from your forest in a way that promotes and capitalizes on their ecological forest management, you may wish to enroll your forestland with Vermont Family Forests. VFF strives for forest management that results in 100% compliance with all 43 practices. Commercial timber sales are evalauted and VFF creates a report on how well the individual properties are doing in meeting this standard.

To VFF-verify your forestlands, you first need to develop a comprehensive VFF Forest Conservation Stewardship Plan.  VFF foresters can help landowners prepare this stewardship plan, or we can provide a list of local natural resource consultants who have expressed interest in creating VFF-verified stewardship plans.

VFF-verified landowners have access to the marketing tools VFF has created, including the NeighborWood™  brand for firewood and Family Forest® brand for flooring and other finished wood products.

If you are interested in or have questions about
enrolling your forestlands with VFF, please contact us.

Updated 2/6/2011