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Community Forests

Vermont Family Forests works to promote collaborative, cooperative, equitable community-based forestry. We define ‘community forestry’ fairly loosely. It is the kind of forestry that involves cooperation between various owners, users, or share-holders. It often involves some type of public investment in the long-term conservation of the forest. The nature of the relationship is much more mutualistic than competitive. The goal is ‘win-win-win…’ Over the years, we have been involved in several such efforts, which you can read about below.

>> The Waterworks
>> Little Hogback Community Forest
>> Jericho Research Forest
>> The Bacon Forest
>> The Kerstetter Forest
>> Tinmouth Mountain Forest


Joshua BenesIn 2010-2011, Joshua  Beneš, a graduate of the University of Vermont, wrote his senior honors thesis, “Community Forests as Visionary Engines,” on ways to connect community forest stakeholders throughout the state to be better suited for increasing ecological and social awareness. David Brynn, executive director of Vermont Family Forests, was his advisor for the thesis.

Read the 2-page summary of his findings and recommendations here.