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Vermont Family Forests
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Conserving The Health Of Our Local Forest Community


Local Woods and Goods

Conserving the health of family forests is Vermont Family Forests’ top priority. But when it’s appropriate—when forest health is not compromised—we promote the careful cultivation of family forests for community benefits. VFF endeavors to develop, and hone, tools that forest stewards and value adders (loggers, truckers, mill workers, and so on) can use to ensure forest stewardship that is restorative, sustainable, efficient, local, and fair (R-SELF).

One tool we’ve worked with since our inception is “green” verification, a process that identifies forests in which rigorous eco-forestry standards are in place. We’ve helped local landowners green-verify their lands and join the VFF pool of sustainably managed forests. And we’ve helped these landowners participate in a number of high-profile building projects, to demonstrate the potential for a collaborative, community-building forestry process that benefits all participants, from the forest and forest stewards through the value-adders and forest products customers.

We’ve also developed product brands—Neighborwood™ firewood and Family Forest® wood products—that landowners can use to market their local, sustainably, fairly, restoratively, and efficiently harvested wood.