Rewilding Happen(ing)s!

VFF’s 2017 Annual Report

Our 2017 Annual Report is hot off the press! We’re excited to share our report with you, which shows, in stories and photos, what we were up to in 2017.

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Highlights include:

  • The purchase of Abraham’s Knees, a 53.2-acre parcel of forestland in Lincoln where we’ll aim to walk the talk of compassionate forestry.
  • Continued restoration of the homestead buildings on VFF’s Anderson lands.
  • 7th annual Woodwinds in the Middle Barn, on the VFF Anderson Wells Farm, to which we invited the 25 landowner families whose lands adjoin the three Anderson parcels.
  • The Colby Hill Ecological Project research team completed its 19th field season of observing forest ecosystem function and biodiversity on the Anderson lands.
  • Forest Conservation planning for 21 landowners wishing to participate in Vermont’s Current Use Program.
  • Ecoforestry work with landowners, including marking timber harvests and wildlife habitat improvement cuts, boundary painting, and tree planting plans.
  • We held our first annual VFF Landowner Gathering at the Anderson Wells Farm, with music, discussion, and pizzas cooked in our newly built earth oven.
  • Collaborative project with several local organizations promoting forest health.
  • Workshops, including 8 Game of Logging courses, Soils of the Hogback Ecoregion, Tree Identification in the Champlain Basin, and From Forest to Firebox.