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Conserving The Health Of Our Local Forest Community

Why We've Created the Town Forest Health Check

Back in 2005, the Vermont Town Forest Project was initiated to strengthen connections between Vermonters and the forests they live in and around, to encourage citizen stewardship of those forests, and to establish and expand town forests. There are more than 150 town forests sprinkled throughout Vermont. Each town forest is unique and all provide rich opportunities to explore community-based forest conservation.

UVM's Green Forestry Education Initiative and VFF created the Town Forest Health Check to support the goals of the Vermont Town Forest Project. The purpose of the Health Check is to provide a simple, straightforward, and (we hope) enjoyable tool for town forest stewards that will help them assess the health of their community's forests.

Who This Guide is For

If you're a community member interested in taking an active role in maintaining the health of your community's town forest, this guide is for you. The TFHC describes key forest management practices that should be in place if working forests are to be healthy forests. It also shows you how to gather information about your town forest that will help you determine if these best management practices are in place in your forest.

Please click on the following links for the complete Guide and its supplementary materials.

Updated 2/2/2011