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Hogback Community College


Many of us yearn for the resilient health of a life lived in harmony with nature, and we seek the satisfaction of thriving by eating foods and using herbs we have grown ourselves. In the Homegrown Health course series, students will discover resources and learn skills to cultivate such robust well-being.

Four intertwining threads of study—Herbs, Body Knowledge, Nutrition, and Organic Gardening—form the fabric of this series. Each course will focus on one thread of study. Students can take one, some, or all of the four classes in the series, taught by herbalist, farmer/gardener, teacher, musician, and experiential anatomy instructor Susan Borg.

Part I     Fall 2011:  Herbs

Part II   Winter 2012:  Body Knowledge

Part III  Spring 2012:  Nutrition

Part IV  Summer 2012:  Organic Gardening


Although people have used medicinal herbs for thousands of years, it’s not common knowledgein our culture how to use herbs safely and effectively. This class will provide that knowledge.

Using the herb gardens of instructor Susan Borg’s farm in Lincoln, Vermont, as their classroom, students will learn to identify and harvest herbs for first aid, cold and flu remedies, immune system support, and remedies for aches and pains. We’ll learn to make herbal tinctures, teas, oils, salves, and syrups, to take home. To understand how herbs work in the body, students will study the immune system and how it works to keep us healthy.

Many medicinal herbs are also culinary herbs. Students will learn how to promote health with herbs, by cooking tasty lunches for the class.

     Instructor Susan Borg and student prepare nettle tincture

Photos above, from left: Echinacea; Susan Borg and student prepare a nettle tincture; comfrey; Susan and student harvesting nettles.

About the Instructor:

 Susan Gallagher Borg and her partner Richard Nessen raise their own food and herbal medicines organically at Weed Farm, their two-acre homestead in Lincoln VT.  Susan has taught experiential anatomy and kinesiology (the study of movement) at Middlebury College, Burlington College, and in the Resonant Kinesiology Training Program for educational bodyworkers.  Susan is best known in Addison County as a singer, music teacher, and director of the Allegro Choruses for all ages.

Course Details:

Date, Time, and Location of instruction:






Sept. 24, 2011

9AM - 1PM

(includes learning lunch)

Weed Farm, Lincoln, Vermont


Oct. 8, 2011

9AM - 5PM

(includes learning lunch)

Weed Farm, Lincoln, Vermont


Oct. 22, 2011

9AM – 1PM

(includes learning lunch)

Weed Farm, Lincoln, Vermont


Minimum and maximum number of students:  Minimum: 8  Maximum: 12

Fee: $160

Credit Hours*:  1 (16 hours of instruction)

*While our courses offer the structure and content of college courses, we are not seeking accreditation for Hogback Community College, nor do we currently offer credits for transfer to other educational institutions. We are continuing to look at our options for offering students course credit in the future. Numerous teachers have taken Hogback Community College courses as part of their Professional Development requirements.