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CHEP Reports

CHEP On-going Monitoring Project

The Colby Hill Ecological Project has generated voluminous reports compiling and analyzing field data. These are housed at VFF’s office in Bristol, and you are welcome to stop by and peruse them.

CHEP Bird Summary 1998-2010

The Executive Summary for field studies through 2004 is available in PDF format

The Executive Summary for the 1998-2001 reports is available in PDF format.

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Movement-Activated Camera

The 2007 field season is under way, and CHEP researchers will undertake the annual bird count, amphibian and reptile monitoring, large mammal tracking, and small mammal and ground beetle surveys. Mammalogist Jan Decher continues to use a movement-activated camera to photograph wildlife. When an animal passes the camera, it snaps a photo. Take a look at his results below. We'll post more as they come in.

Here's the camera that takes the photos. ©Jan Decher/CHEP 2006

Coyote, October 6, 2006 ©Jan Decher/CHEP 2006

Gray squirrel, October 6, 2006 ©Jan Decher/CHEP 2006

White-tailed deer, August 6, 2006 ©Jan Decher/CHEP 2006

Raccoons, August 6, 2006 ©Jan Decher/CHEP 2006

Wild turkeys, July 6, 2006 ©Jan Decher/CHEP 2006

Fisher, November 1, 2005          ©Jan Decher/CHEP 2005

Ruffed Grouse, October 31, 2005          ©Jan Decher/CHEP 2005

Red Fox, October 28, 2005          ©Jan Decher/CHEP 2004

Moose calf, July 5, 2005 ©Jan Decher/CHEP 2005

White-tailed deer buck, April 11, 2005 ©Jan Decher/CHEP 2005

Eastern Cottontail, August 27, 2004            ©Jan Decher/CHEP 2004

Ruffed grouse, August 11, 2004           ©Jan Decher/CHEP 2004

  Moose, July 21, 2004    ©Jan Decher/CHEP 2004

Black bear, July 20, 2004   ©Jan Decher/CHEP 2004

Coyote, July 9, 2004    ©Jan Decher/ CHEP 2004

Black bear, June 14, 2004         ©Jan Decher/CHEP 2004

Black bear, June 8, 2004                     ©Jan Decher/CHEP 2004

Wild turkey, May 20, 2004    ©Jan Decher/CHEP 2004

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