Re-Storying the Earth Through Wildlife Tracking

This course is now fully enrolled. Visit the Eventbrite registration page (see below) if you’d like to be placed on the waiting list.

Date: Friday, September 21, 2018

Time: 8:30-noon

Location: VFF’s Anderson Wells Farm, 2542 Quaker St. Lincoln VT 05443

Cost: $25/person. Includes a post-workshop lunch of flatbread pizzas (with toppings from the Wells Farm garden) cooked in our earth oven and Wells Farm apple cider

Maximum number of participants: 16 adults. Because of the nature of this workshop experience, we are limiting enrollment to adults. Mike offers a monthly tracking outing for families at the Birds of Vermont Museum.

Details: This workshop will be held rain or shine. (In either case, there will be indoor as well as outdoor instruction, so if it rains, you won’t be outside all morning!) Come dressed for the weather. Bring water and anything else you need for self-care and comfort. The workshop will involve easy hiking. Please let us know if you have any movement restrictions.

No pets please.

REGISTER through EVENTBRITE (this is our first event in which we’re using Eventbrite to take registration fees online, so if you run into any glitches, just call our office (453-7728) or email us (


“Science is the stage upon which the art is performed. Sometimes the art compels science to expand its stage.”— Mike Kessler

In this half-day introductory workshop, you’ll explore and rediscover our natural human capacity for engaging the Earth and becoming a part of the stories that are written upon her each day. Renowned tracker Mike Kessler will share techniques for optimizing our five senses, which you will then practice to glean an astounding amount of detail from the creatures on the landscape. Mysteries will begin to unfold and stories will be fashioned using both intuitive deductive reasoning and down-in-the-dirt details and logic. Mike will introduce and share wildlife tracking as the expansive art and science that it is, with participants encouraged to engage and explore the natural world in the manner they are most naturally inclined, while keeping an open mind and open heart to the variety of ways in which the earth speaks to us.

Through this workshop, we’ll be gauging interest in an in-depth, multi-day tracking workshop with Mike Kessler this winter.

You can get a great sense of the experience of learning tracking with Mike Kessler from this video produced by the UVM Extension. Take a look!


About the Instructor: Mike Kessler has designed and instructed wildlife tracking courses for The Rubenstein School of Environmental and Natural Resources at the University of Vermont for over a decade. Tracking has been his passion and life work. He has certified and trained law enforcement in forensic tracking and works with K-12 educators to incorporate wildlife tracking into their unit and lesson plans to meet the Next Generation Science Standards. Tracking also became the touchstone of his spiritual journey and he has facilitated tracking-based workshops and retreats for the Sisters of Mercy. Recently retired, his mission continues to be the re-kindling of awareness, appreciation, and joy that flows from our relationship with the earth and to mentor others in the lineage of tracking he has worked to preserve.