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Research at VFFLapinweatherstation

Vermont Family Forests oversees and participates in research to inform on-the-ground ecological forestry work, both locally and across the state. The Colby Hill Ecological Project, for example, provides data about the ecological processes at work in a re-wilding family forest. The information gathered in this project sheds light on the processes by which self-willed forests renew themselves. This, in turn, helps us redefine the nature of the relationship between people and forests through our conservation practices on actively tended forestlands.

Some of our research projects, like the Colby Hill Ecological Project, are on-going. Others, like the Middlebury College Biomass Procurement Study, are one-time projects that answer a specific research question.

Click on the research tabs above to read about the Colby Hill Ecological Project, Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas Project, other current research projects, and archived research projects.


Photo: CHEP project manager and ecologist Marc Lapin prepares the CHEP weather station for installation.