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Conserving The Health Of Our Local Forest Community


Family Forest® Flooring Project

Family Forest® flooring continues to flourish! Our first batch was very well received, and customers have been raving about the quality and beauty of their hardwood floors built with wood from healthy, local, beautiful, productive Vermont forests. Our second batch of flooring includes 10,000 square feet of beech, ash, cherry, red oak, sugar maple, and red maple flooring.

Several customers have opted for our Northern Hardwood Forest Floor™, a mix of fine-grained woods from the dominant members of the Northern Hardwood Forest community—sugar maple, American beech, and yellow birch. These floors are as beautiful, diverse, and richly hued as the forests they came from.

Another mixed-species flooring line is in the works—the Clayplain Forest Floor™, a mix of more distinctively grained woods from trees common to the Clayplain Forest community—ash, hickory, and oak. The beauty of Family Forest® flooring is that customers can design their own floors from what the local forests have sustainably yielded. Customers may opt for a single-species floor, or one that mixes grains and hues of their favorite local hardwood species.

We are growing Family Forest® Flooring to become Vermont’s Conservation Brand™. Customers buying this wood know that the trees come from healthy, local Vermont forests. They know that value-adding is done locally to the maximum extent possible. They know the conservation story behind the wood, and so are directly connected with the forest community that grew their floor.

The flooring project, by design, involves many landowners, consulting foresters, loggers, truckers, and secondary wood product manufacturers. David Brynn, who coordinates the project for Vermont Family Forests, jokes that steering the process sometimes seems like herding cats. “It’s a community-based, forest conservation initiative, if there ever was one.”

Family Forest® flooring is available through Vermont Family Forests in Bristol.
Call us at 802-453-7728 or e-mail David at to set up an appointment at our office in Bristol to see a beautiful, finished sample of mixed-species flooring.

From Forest to Flooring
The wood from Batch 2 came from Middlebury College’s Crystal Brook Lot in Ripton and Vermont Land Trust’s Little Hogback Community Forest Lot in Monkton. Logging operations have been completed, and both forests look superb. Steve Weber, Middlebury College’s forester, was very involved with the Crystal Brook sale last winter. It shows. The forest has been cultivated with exceptional care. Snags and den trees are sprinkled throughout the forest, tops are neatly lopped, and residual trees have almost no nicks or scrapes from the logging. Middlebury College proud used some of the flooring in its own Hillcrest Project and many others are enjoying these high qaulity floors from healthy local forests. You can too!

Bill Torrey logged the Little Hogback Community Forest. It, too, looks superb. Bill used his new Deutz Fahr Tractor and Hardy forwarder to carry the logs out of the woods instead of skidding them. The impacts on the forest were minimal. As an added bonus, Bill reports that his fuel demands have been cut nearly in half, another indication of the value of replacing skidders with small-scale forwarders.

We are now working closely with the Vermont Land Trust to identify additional lands managed in compliance with Vermont Family Forest’s management standards and to bring those lands into our certified pool of well-managed forests. Collaboration and high quality work are hallmarks of Vermont forest conservation.