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Archived Research

Click on the links below to read about some of our past research projects:

> Assessment of the Landbase Suitable for  Sustainable Forest Biomass Harvest and the Wood Biomass Resource Supply: Addison County Five Towns and Mad River Valley Towns (2009)

Mark Lapin, Chris Rodgers and David Brynn prepared this report for Middlebury College, analyzing the availability of suitable forestlands for sustainable wood biomass harvest in two Vermont study areas. Link to project description and report

> Review and Analysis of the Use Value Appraisal Program (2007)

In 2007, the Vermont State Legislature directed the Legislative Council to hire a consultant to conduct a thorough and independent review of the use value appraisal program to determine its effectiveness. Deb Brighton was hired to conduct the study and Vermont Family Forests was asked to assist in that effort. Link to project description

> Stewardship Incentive programs: How can we Interest More Landowners? (2006) Link to Report

Wanting to find out why landowners do not participate in existing stewardship incentive programs in Vermont, VFF associates Susannah McCandless and Deb Brighton, with funding from the Northeastern States Research Cooperative, created a survey, distributed it to more than 1000 Vermont landowners in Addison and Essex Counties, and reported on their findings.

> Community Supported Forestry Firewood Program (2006)

Middlebury College students worked with Vermont Family Forests to assess community support for a collaborative, ecologically sound approach to procuring firewood. Link to project description and report

> New Haven River Headwaters Conservation Project (2006)

This outreach project endeavored to educate landowners in Lincoln Vermont about long-term conservation options for their undeveloped lands. Link to project information

> Sustainable Forestry Goes to Camp (2006)

Not a research project per se, but a great project demonstrating the potential for hands-on teaching of ecological forestry concepts, from healthy forests to finished canoe paddles.Link to project description

> Middlebury College Biomass Study (2004)

Looking for ways to reduce carbon emissions and meet more of its energy needs locally, Middlebury College hired VFF to conduct a study to assess the potential for regional forests to sustainably supply biomass (namely woodchips and logs) to fuel the College’s heating plant. Link to project description and report