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Vermont Family Forests
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Conserving The Health Of Our Local Forest Community

Other Current Research

In addition to our on-going involvement in the Colby Hill Ecological Project and the Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas Project, BristolPondVFF is currently involved in the following research projects:

Middlebury College Environmental Studies
Senior Seminar 401

Vermont Family Forests continues to work with students at colleges and universities in the region, including University of Vermont, Middlebury College, and Green Mountain College. In Autumn 2010, VFF Executive Director David Brynn co-taught a Environmental Studies senior seminar at Middlebury College. The students researched the timely subject of  “Conserving Water Quality While Harvesting More Forest Biomass in the Headwaters of the Five-town Forest.” Communities in Vermont are increasingly turning to local forests to meet their energy needs. This study explores ways to conserve water quality while harvesting biomass.

Click on the following documents for more information about the project:

Healthy Watersheds, Home Woodsheds: Conserving Water Quality While Harvesting more Forest Biomass in the Headwaters of the Five-town Forest Project Description

Stories from Ten Working Forests. Project Strategy
The students' final report details their key findings and recommendations. Click on the links below to read their final report and watch their final presentation:

>> Healthy Watersheds, Home Woodsheds final report.

>> Video and PowerPoint of the students' final presentation.