Game of Logging Chainsaw Training, LEVEL 1, Fall 2022



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Level 1 is a one-day course. Due to high interest in the course, we are offering two sessions to accommodate more participants.

  • Session 1: Thursday, September 29, 2022, 8AM – 4PM
  • Session 2: Thursday, October 6, 2022,  8AM-4PM

To add yourself to a waitlist, click the Eventbrite link above. On the Eventbrite page, scroll to the listing for the course you’d like to take, click the link and follow the instructions. We’ll notify you if a spot opens up.

WHERE: Lincoln, Vermont

HOW MUCH: $200 per level

WHAT: The Game of Logging training program combines Scandinavian logging techniques with the latest systems for working safely around trees. We cannot overstate the value of these courses. We have participants who’ve used chainsaws for 30 years prior to taking GOL Level I say that the course changed the way they work in the woods. The GOL courses must be taken in sequence (even if you have chainsaw experience, you must begin with Level I).

Note: In addition to our Game of Logging training series, we are also offering a BASIC CHAINSAW SAFETY FOR BEGINNERS course. This beginner workshop is designed especially for those with no previous chainsaw experience. In this course, you’ll gain comfort with how a chain saw operates, basic maintenance, and log-bucking techniques. It is NOT a prerequisite for Level 1. Beginners can start with Game of Logging Level 1, but know that you will be felling a tree during that workshop, which may be more than what you want to do on your first day using a chainsaw. We highly recommend the Basic course for those who haven’t used a chainsaw before.

Level 1. Precision Felling Techniques. This workshop introduces open-face felling and the development of techniques to safely use it. Topics covered include personal protective equipment, chainsaw safety features, chainsaw reactive forces, bore cutting, pre-planning the fell, and understanding hinge wood strength. 8AM-4PM one-day course. Maximum 10 participants. LEVEL 1 COURSE OUTLINE.

Level 2. Maximizing Saw Performance. This workshop focuses on maximizing chainsaw performance through basic maintenance, carburetor setting, and filing techniques. Limbing and bucking techniques are introduced, spring pole cutting is covered and more felling is practiced. 8AM-4PM one-day course. Maximum 10 participants. LEVEL 2 COURSE OUTLINE

Level 3. Limbing, Bucking, and Difficult Trees.This workshop training includes dealing with lean when felling trees; limbing and bucking downed trees; and felling difficult and hung-up trees. 8AM-4:00PM one-day course. Maximum 10 participants. LEVEL 3 COURSE OUTLINE

We will offer Levels 2 & 3 in April, 2023

*GOL workshops are held rain or shine. They will only be cancelled in the event of extreme weather, particularly high winds.

Course FAQs, provided by the course instructors, from Northeast Woodland Training.

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