An Evening with author/commoning activist David Bollier

Join us at the Walkover Gallery in Bristol for an evening with author, activist, scholar, and commoner David Bollier. Director of the Reinventing the Commons Program at the Schumacher Center for a New Economics, co-founder of the Commons Strategies Group, and author of Think Like a Commoner and several other books,David Bollier will discuss commoning through the lens of his newly released book, Free, Fair, and Alive: The Insurgent Power of the Commons.

Free, Fair, and Alive offers a compelling vision of a future beyond the dead-end binary of capitalism versus socialism that has devastated human and natural systems and communities. Instead, we can be free and creative people, govern ourselves through fair and accountable institutions, and experience the aliveness of authentic human presence.

David’s talk is the perfect follow-up to Vermont Family Forests’ Commons Conservation Congress on November 2. Join us for lively idea-sharing, as well as delicious local treats to eat.

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Suggested donation of $10. If you are traveling by gas-powered vehicle to the event, we invite you to calculate the miles to and from and to add $.50 per mile traveled divided by the number of people in the car. (For example, if three people drive to the event from Middlebury, travelling a total of 24 miles, each person would take on 8 of the miles and pay a voluntary carbon tariff of $4.00, bringing their donation to $14.00 per ticket. VFF will place the full $14.00 ticket donation into a Wild Forestland Conservation Fund to help with the acquisition of Wild Forestland within Vermont’s Center-West EcoRegion.

Seating capacity at the Walkover Gallery: 50 people.