About Us

Vermont Family Forests is a small non-profit organization based in Bristol, Vermont. Since we started in 1995, our aim has been to help family forest owners in our region of Vermont cultivate deep connection and mutually beneficial relationship with their forest community.


David Brynn, Executive Director and Conservation Forester
Callie Brynn, Conservation Mapping Specialist
Sandra Murphy, Forest Community Outreach and Rewilding
Dechen Rheault, Homestead Steward
Ralph Tursini, Conservation Forester

Colby Hill Ecological Project Research Associates

Jim Andrews, reptiles and amphibians
Greg Borah, mammal tracking
Peter Meyer, forest birds
Marc Lapin, CHEP Project Manager, wildflower phenology, grassland birds
Chris Gray, small mammals
Kristen Underwood, water quality

Board of Directors

David Brynn
Jonathan Corcoran, President
Caitlin Cusack
Christopher Klyza, Treasurer
Peg Sutlive
Ali Zimmer