Celebrating Springtime

Featured image for “Celebrating Springtime”

all photos by Jonathan Blake

The delicate white blossoms of Amelanchier canadensis (also called serviceberry, shadbush, shad blow) herald spring in Vermont’s forests. On the shores of Norton Brook Reservoir, at the lands of The Watershed Center in Bristol, they also herald the return of our annual Beltane celebration. 

Cosponsored by Vermont Family Forests and The Watershed Center, the annual Beltane gathering celebrates the return of warmth, light, flowers, sap, songbirds, and all things green and growing. Though each year’s celebration is unique, shaped by the contributions of those who attend, certain elements are constant–music, food, poetry, and a maypole dance. 

This year’s music came from the gifted hands of Matthew Witten, Lausanne Allen, Rick Ceballos, and David Gusakov. Thank you one and all for taking part. If you weren’t able to be there, join the celebration next spring–always on the last Sunday in April. Happy Spring!

Maypole with flowers and ribbons.
four musicians play music in the forest.
Young girl with flowers in her hair smiles at the camera as her dad holds her in his arms.
Several people carry a ribboned maypole along a path.
Many people dance around a maypole, holding ribbons.