Sharing the Bounty of Farm Equipment

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If you joined the fun at Addison County Field Days last week, you may have spotted a beautiful vintage hay wagon hauling hay in an ag demonstration or at rest near the farm barns. Monique Anderson once used this and many other pieces of farm equipment in tending the farmsteads of the lands she and her husband Lester bequeathed to Vermont Family Forests.

The West Barn—which is being completely restored from foundation to rooftop this summer— had housed much of this farm equipment, so it was the right time to find good new homes for those tools we no longer use in caring for the Anderson lands. We donated some of the equipment, like the hay wagon and the electric cider press (see photos below), to local non-profits. All of the equipment moved into the skilled hands of local land caregivers.

Though the equipment Monique used and cared for so well has moved on to a new generation, we continue to celebrate their use in Monique’s skilled hands through Lester’s wonderful photography. 

Monique Anderson and hay wagon.
Monique Anderson and a young helper load hay bales.
Monique Anderson and her cherished John Deere 2040 back the hay wagon into the barn at the Fred Pierce place.
Monique Anderson loads apples into the electric cider press.
Monique Anderson and Elizabeth Rudolph toast with fresh-pressed cider.