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Vermont Family Forests
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Conserving The Health Of Our Local Forest Community


About Us

Vermont Family Forests is a non-profit family forest conservation organization. Our priority is to conserve the health of local family forests. When appropriate, we promote their careful cultivation for local community benefits.

At VFF, we believe that the three great conservers of family forests are well-informed forest stewards, sound economic returns from ecological forestry, and a community-shared land ethic.

VFF encourages a humble and careful approach to conservation that recognizes the forest's capacity to maintain itself as a healthy, natural ecosystem.

We understand that humans have legitimate needs and that our local forests can provide for some of them.  However, we believe it is essential to limit our demands upon our forests and to minimize our disruption of the functions and processes by which forests seek to re-wild and re-new themselves.

Our Board of Directors

Deb Brighton
David Brynn
Jonathan Corcoran, President
John Elder
Christopher McGrory-Klyza
Paul Ralston

Our Annual Reports

> 2016 Annual Report

> 2015 Annual Report

> 2014 Annual Report

> 2013 Annual Report

> 2012 Annual Report

> 2011 Annual Report

> 2010 Annual Report
> 2009 Annual Report
> 2008 Annual Report
> 2007 Annual Report
> 2006 Annual Report
> 2005 Annual Report
> 2004 Annual Report
> 2003 Annual Report
> 2002 Annual Report

Our Staff and Associates

Jim Andrews   Vermont Reptile & Amphibian Atlas Project Manager and Research Associate
Deb Brighton   Research Associate
David Brynn   VFF Executive Director and Conservation Forester
Callie Brynn   Conservation Mapping Specialist
Marc Lapin   Colby Hill Ecological Project Manager and Research Associate
Sandra Murphy  
Director of Community Outreach
Kathleen Stutzman   Conservation Forester